About Us

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Luxury Bone Inlay Furnitures is a pioneering furniture art company that combines art with responsible entrepreneurship. With premier craftsmanship passed down to skills Indian craftsmen through generations, Luxury Bone Inlay combines skill with ethical responsibility. Our state of the art furniture pieces, from Mother Pearl Inlay to Bone Inlay, are made from 100% cruelty free bones source from camels deceased through natural causes. The paints used in each of our products are bio degradable, non toxic, and eco friendly. There isn't a reason why you wouldn't want an exclusive piece, from our online store, standing proudly in your humble abode.

Our mission

We are on a mission to introduce ethical entrepreneurship into the Bone Inlay art segment. Our cruelty free, ethically sourced raw materials help you be confident of the choice you make by shopping at Luxury Bone Inlay Furnitures.

Our vision

Luxury Bone Inlay Furnitures harbours the vision to be the market leader in the bone inlay and mother pearl inlay furniture art segment. We wish to be a brand synonymous with quality, customer satisfaction and responsible ethical buisness practices.

Why Luxury Bone Inlay Furnitures is a maverick in the field?

·      Cruelty free ethically sourced bones from camels who died of natural cases.

·      Eco-friendly, bio-degradable, non-toxic, lead free paints.

·      Extensive designs with exquisite Indian craftsmanship.

·      Durable long lasting furniture pieces.

·      100% customer satisfaction