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Be it for Family dining or cosy dinners of a couple, the elegance of Bone Inlay Dining tables casts an everlasting appeal. The Dining Tables are from the original land, of reasonable height, ensuring plenty of leg room and finally, made up of sturdy Mango Wood for years to come. The beautiful shades are adequately complemented by artistic designs. Every piece has undergone great care and handling to reach this immaculate state. These accent pieces are thoughtfully designed for catering everyday Life plus a pride display in front of your Guests. Experience the flamboyance, make a statement in sophistication.

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Bone Inlay Dining Table with Four Chair Set

Bone Inlay Dining Table with Four Chair Set

$4,398 $5,829

This Bone Inlay Dining Table with Four Chair Set is a part of our Luxury Bone Inlay Furnitures Collection. this is a handmade with Luxuries in home decor. This bone inlay dinning table set is refined and created by our skilled craftsman. This Bone Inlay Dinning Table with four chair set in geometric pattern is also available in various ot..

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