Dark Blue

where art meets comfort

There isn’t a color as self expressing, calming and peaceful as deep blue. Choose from our wide range of deep blue/ indigo and ink blue collection. Whatever you might like to call it, the essence would be the same. Calm pallor and fiercely loyal- blue furniture art pieces add a distinct character to your décor.

You can choose from our signature collection of mother pearl and bone inlay line where each piece is carved with incredible attention to detail. Introduce the sea blue effect into your house and see what power a color has over uplifting your mood and the entire ambience of your house. 

Grid View:
Dark Blue Bone Inlay 4 Drawer Commode - Fish Scale

Dark Blue Bone Inlay 4 Drawer Commode - Fish Scale

$1,599 $2,010

Beautiful design compliments bountiful storage with our wooden bone inlay commode lovingly created with the use of camel bone and resin to cleverly piece together the exquisite fish scale pattern...

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